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About us – Security Camera Support

We are the leading support providers in the camera security.
We manage the camera security system.
Indoor and outdoor camera security systems are managed by us worldwide.
We have a certified theme of technicians to assist the customers.
We do provide support and assistance for routers in case if there’s any configuration is required.

Our Journey

We have started our journey in 2017. Our camera support is news in the industry. We are strictly following all the guidelines. We are providing support in US and Canada. We are growing everyday by your feedback.

How we work?

You would like to know that how do you work? We work in at home. When customers contact us we find the best technician for them. We have several department. If customer has a problem in wireless functional we transfer customer to wireless department. If there’s any other problem with the camera like the picture quality all the video quality. We have a different department for that. If possible we access to the customers to remote session on their computers.

Our Mission

CST Rate

Our mission is to set up a company with the highest customer satisfaction score. There is a reason we always love to read and listen to the feedback given by the customers. We surely work on satisfaction rate. If there is a charge associated with the support. We will only charge the customer if customer is satisfied with the support. Like every other company we also want to grow in the industry. But our company growth really depends all the issues we have resolved.

First Call Resolution Tare

The second part of our mission is to provide industries best resolution rate. We are now living at more than 97% first call resolution rate. Of course this is a very good figure but we are still trying to improve it.

Being a part of ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) industry it is our duty who provide you every best possible support and resolution.

If you have any further queries feel free to contact us.

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