Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Security Camera System

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Security Camera System

We are going to discus advantages and disadvantages of wireless security camera system in this article. We have two basic types of security cameras. Wired and wireless security camera. In this article we will discus benefits and drawbacks wireless security camera systems. Wireless camera systems have their own importance. Along with the importance they do have dome negative aspects as well. We can describe it through some good points. So reader can easily analyses if the wireless security system good for them.

Advantages of Wireless Security Camera

A wireless security camera is in demand today. I’ve studied some reasons due to which people need a wireless security camera system.

Advantages of Wireless Security Camera

No wires

It is a relief when we don’t see a net of wires around. Most of us do not like the wires surrounding us. Above that is is good for the security purpose. When a criminal enters the house of business location he cannot cut the cable to make camera blind. That’s a great and interesting fact. Without wires a camera is enough secure because of this reason. Also you don’t need a big effort to install wireless security camera. Even if you do not drill in the wall you can clip it any where above the reach of human.

More flexible

Yes, wireless security camera is very flexible to use. We can take is anywhere we want. Its not like the wired camera, A wired camera is a fixed camera that is almost impossible to move. In case of wireless camera, they are so flexible that we can change location everyday. By moving it physically you can place it on a desired location that a wired camera cannot cover because there is no problem of wires.

A hidden camera

If i call wireless camera is a hidden camera i don’t think i am wrong. As i have mentioned above that no wires are connected to it . It is a battery operated camera so you can hide it under bushes as well. It is a security measurement of this camera that gives it good positive points

Safe recordings

By recordings i mean videos photos obtained by the camera. Wireless cameras are connect to their cloud server through the router. Even if some one steels or breaks the camera our videos are always safe on the internet cloud. Clod servers are using top rated encryption today that means our footage is always safe. Damaging a wireless security camera can not delete our saved videos.

Easy to use User Interface

User interface is much easier now. There is an app for all wireless cameras. That connects through the dedicated IP Address. You don’t need to be an technical person to control camera. Sitting anywhere in the world you can see and record videos from camera. If you camera supports you can rotate it as well. Some cameras rotate at 360 degrees.

Disadvantages of Wireless Security Camera

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Security Camera System

More costly

Well to get all the features mentioned above, you need to pay more than a regular wired camera. Although this should not be a negative point because to get more features we pay more. I read on several websites that writers mention the cost under disadvantages of the product so i did.

Less stable on wireless network

Less stability is caused due to the interference in the radio signals. Technically every wireless connection uses a frequency. This frequency interrupts due to several facts. For example a microwave or a refrigerator can make the camera unstable on network. It is a common issue faced by people using wireless security systems. This problem has a fix. But permanent fix for the wireless interruption in no where in the world. It can occur anytime anywhere. If yo have a wireless security camera or you are planning to buy be ready for this annoying problem. Good thing is hat there is a less chance to happen.

Security problem on wireless network – Unwanted access

So you kn o that these witless systems works on radio bands. Through those wireless channels criminal can connect to the cameras and can disable the alarm system. Very less chance but yes this can happen. Manufacturing companies claim to have the best encryption system in the WiFi camera but still there are breaches.

Concluding the above discussion

Advantages and disadvantages of wireless security camera system is a good topic to understand. If you liked the advantages more than the disadvantages for the WiFi camera system you can go go for the WiFi cameras. Otherwise read our next article about the wired security camera system.

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