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Best place to install security camera

best place to install security cameras

After purchasing a security camera we get worried about best place to install security camera. Well, that’s not much difficult. Be tricky in that. Consider few factors mentioned below to find best place to install security camera.

Why do we install security cameras?best place to install security camera

As it is clear from its name, we install security camera because we want security for our selves. Our home is a place where we live. In today world, we definitely should have security cameras for or protection. Some times we live alone. In that case security camera acts as out best friend. It alarms us before a trouble about to happen. Also it is a great evidence about what happened.

Cameras should not in reach

All this discussion is based on Home security camera. In case your camera is in office. you can read my another article. Before finding a suitable place, make a note that your security camera should away from reach. Of course it will be visible from location you want to shoot. But it should not easily visible to every one. If your camera is visible, it can be a camera,, but never be a security camera. Best place for security camera is a place that is not basically hidden, but a place that is quite difficult to guess.

How many security camera do you have?

It is a good question to ask because answer will clear big problem. Lets say you have two entries from main door and back door to your house and you have two cameras. This solves the purpose. main door and back doors are the best place to install security camera. If you have more that couple of entries, you need more cameras. One security camera is never going to protect you. But yes in some places like in small houses or in meeting halls one camera is good. For multiple entry homes you need multiple cameras.

Main / Front Gate Location for Outdoor security camerabest place to install security camera

It is highly recommended to install security camera at main gate. Some houses have a garden and main big gate to it from where your car enters your place. Try installing one camera to that place. It is really a nice idea. It is one of the best place to install security camera.

View for outdoor security camera

Outdoor security cameras are very important. Location for that is the mixed view or your house entry and street. Once gate opens you can view clear angle to it. This outdoor camera should be Wide Angle Security Camera. This camera is the master camera because it is providing heavy duty. Before purchasing ask the seller for the angle dimensions for the camera. I recommend to buy 75 to 180 degrees angle camera for outdoors. For indoors you can easily go with 45 to 75 degrees angle. But if budget suits always buy a wide angle camera. Before purchasing a camera you can contact arlo customer service phone number to get more detail on call.

Keep cameras safe

Now i think it is clear that the camera should not be easily visible. But it is easy to understand that camera is visible from the place shoot by camera. We need one important precaution. Assume of the unwanted person sees your camera, he should not be able to break it easily. Keep it above human range even with some stick. Best height of a Home security camera is same as your roof. Not less that 9 feet. If you will keep camera close to your roof they also will not easily visible as well. Always keep your camera safe from rain, fog or any dropping water. Even if your camera is waterproof still don’t ignore it. For more camera stability information contact arlo support phone number.

Basement Stairs – one of the best location for security camera

If you have basement. make sure to install security camera to its stairs. Basement stairs is one of the best place to install security camera. Do not forget to install camera over there. I don’t think you should bother more after reading this article. Fro more updates keep in touch with our BLOG Section. For any other queries post a comment in comment box below and we will answer you soon. Thank you for your interest.

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