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How to connect Security Camera to WiFihow to connect security camera to wifi

How to connect security camera to WiFi is a common question. Using the Security cameras over secured WiFi is a very easy task. Connect the Base station that you get with security cameras to the wireless router. Connect the cameras to the base station. You may connect base station hard-Wired or Wireless with the WiFi router. After connecting base station to the secured WiFi  you can access the cameras anywhere around the world using internet.

How can we access cameras Using IP addresshow to connect security camera to wifi

These days most of the companies that make security cameras. They have their own Clouds to save customer details and Customer account login. For example ARLO by Netgear is its own login and a unique User account that the user can access anywhere around the world on any device that connects to internet. But as we know many security cameras do not have unique account login and access for that we use the IP address of the network and connect the cameras. In this user has to enable the HTTPS service on your router and sometimes users may have to do the port forwarding as well. More details can be found at arlo support phone number.

How to do Port Forwarding or Port Triggering

For doing the Port Forwarding/Port triggering you need to firstly check your IP address. You can check your IP address by logging in to the router and checking the connected devices . First of all select the device that you want to do the Port Forwarding for and note down the IP address. You can do the port forwarding by going into the advances settings of your wireless router then put the IP address of that particular device select the port number and name the service . You have to select the type of ports , whether it is TCP or UDP or it can be TCP/UDP . Select starting and ending ports.
How to check the Open or Close ports? It really helps to understand to how to connect Security Camera to WiFi.

Next Step after port forwarding

After doing port forwarding, confirm the ports . For that you can go to what is my IP address and do the port tester. You can mention the port that you want to check and click check. It will check if your ports are Forwarded or not. Arlo customer service phone number is a great help to know more about this.

What is the Range of Motion Sensorshow to connect security camera to wifi

Usually the motion sensing range varies from camera to camera. Also the most common and best range is 15 to 20 feet. In this range the security of the camera is considered to be near perfection. If the range is too short that is 5-10 feet then due to which you do not have proper fencing or it is low security. Mostly security cameras are  5 -10 feet. It is very short range for detecting anybody moving and hence an intruder can get pass it without your camera noticing him/her. Hence we consider 15-20 feet as ideal for catching any trespasser.

Ending Up

In conclusion Arlo by Netgear has the motion sensor range set to 15-20 feet and you can increase or decrease the range by adjusting the motion sensor’s sensitivity by going into the settings. As a result Geo-fencing feature  by Arlo helps you to check any kind of movement in the desired zone . Finally we can schedule it as well as per your need and requirement.

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