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What are the Minimum requirements to install Arlo Security Camera System?

Yes it is important to know the minimum requirements to install arlo security camera system at home of work. There is a list of some features that a user require to install arlo cameras at their place. Make a note of all the minimum requirements listed below to install arlo cameras by netgear.

A ComputerMinimum requirements to install Arlo Security Camera System

You need a computer to install security cameras. That was of course an easy guess. No the concern is that what kind of computer. With what features? Please read below about computer requirements.

A working internet connection

You need a working internet connection. Here i want to explain the bandwidth of your internet connection. You need a minimum of 1 Mbps bandwidth. I am quite sure you will have more than that. But still cross check with your ISP (internet service provider) before purchasing arlo security camera.

A good and latest browser

arlo supportWe recommend the latest browser. For windows OS, let it be @FireFox, internet explorer or google chrome. For Mac OS, safari web browser in addition Firefox and chrome. Please note that you may face issues even if you have all browsers above. Reason will be the version of your browser. Go ahead and check for your browser update.

How do i update my browser to latest version?

please follow the steps below to update to latest browsers

Firefox Update

Press and hold Alt + H. Click on “About Firefox”. It will download and install updates automatically. You just need to bypass security warnings by accepting terms if required.

Alternate method: Press and hold ALT + H + A. You are done. Now watch updating

Google Chrome Update

Type in address bar – chrome://settings/help
If you are reading my this article in chrome browser browser on windows, just click on the link above and you are all set. Else copy paste in address bar to enter it.

Alternate method: Click on 3 dots on top right hand side of chrome. Hover to help. Now go to about google chrome. Relax let it update now.

Safari Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge updating process

Because above browsers and created by the OS company itself, so you will have to update the whole Operating System (OS). Go to settings or control panel of your respected device and update windows or mac.

Smart phone

Smart phone is required with some basic features, that i am sure yours will have.

Apple Devices

For iPhone, iPad or iPod you need the latest software version. Apple has released the iOS 9 for al their devices around the world. Please check in the settings options of your phone and update it to latest. You may not be able to get iOS 10 or higher, but iOS 9 will dt it.

Android devices

For android phones and tablets please check your latest software version should be 4.2.2 or above. That falls under jelly bean category.

Windows Devices

Unfortunately windows phones are or supported for the arlo camera smart apps. I don’t think they are going to add their software to windows phones because app development for windows phones is dropping.

BlackBerry OS

For Blackberry OS Smart Phones you need to have latest Blackberry 10 OS based device. If you have BlackBerry 7 OS phone, i am sorry you cannot update it to BB10. Although BB10 phones are not android phones abut they have android run time integrated on their BB10 secure OS. I have tried this app on my BlackBerry Passport, and that works fine. I recommend to update your BB software to latest BB 10.3.3.


Users also require a router. Please note if you have camera with base station, you will need an empty Ethernet port to connect your base station to it. You can contact us to ask any question about minimum requirements to install Arlo Security Camera System

For more information please visit netgear arlo support section to find relates information.


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