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How to use Mobile Phone as a Security Camera

Doing experiments with old mobile phones is always a fun. Sometimes those experiments give very useful results. Same happened with me. I own so many phones and some of them i don’t use. So I took an android phone and thought to use mobile phone as a security camera at my home. Moreover I found it very interesting and want people to read and make use of their unused phones. It does not require any technical skills. Very simple steps and all set.

What kind of phone do i need to turn into security camera?

You can use any android or an iOS phone. Other operating systems like, Symbian, Java, BlackBerry, have some limitations and that involve technical knowledge. Using android or an iOS phones is an easy way to setup phone as a security camera. Get your old phone and follow steps below and i promise you will enjoy.

Connect phone to internet

First step to use phone as a security camera is to connect phone to internet. You may use your home WiFi. If you want to connect your phone to Cellular Data (3G/4G) that is also good. But i recommend using WiFi as most of us have unlimited internet. Second reason of using WiFi is because you may use spare or old phone, no need to insert sim card into it. Connect your Phone to internet.

Android phone as a Home Security camera

On New Phone

use mobile phone as a securityHere. do not use your old phone. Use the phone where you want to view the streaming videos. On your this phone go to Play Store and search for AtHome Camera. It’s listed under iChano tools. Install this app in your Android phone. Start the app. It might ask you to slide. As soon as you bypass it it will take you to the app homepage. While it is on don’t  do anything and leave it open.

On old phone

Go to your old phone that you want to use as a security camera. Again go to Play Store. Instead of searching AtHome camera search for at home video streamer. It will look like AVS. This also will be listed under iChano apps. Install this app on your old phone. As soon as I open the app it may ask for the permission depending on the version of Android you have on your phone. Give the positive permissions. Now you will see video frame on this app. On the right hand side you will see CID, User Name and Password. You will also see generate QR code. You have to use all the three details on the QR code alone. Now I will tell you how to do that. DU new phone now.

On New Phone

At home camera app on your new phone you see “+” sign on the top right hand corner. Clock on “+” and you can use any other three options. I will recommend to use add camera by QR code. This should be the second option. Once you tap is your new phone will open its camera and will start searching for the QR code. Go to your old phone now and in AtHome video streamer app you will see generate QR code on the right hand side of the camera app. Click on this and you will see a QR code image on your old phone.

Now keep the camera of your new phone over the old phone’s screen to search this code with the new phone. As soon as the phone will search the QR code it will start giving you the live streaming of the camera.  in any case if you would like to get technical hep you can always visit arlo com support to get in touch.

Alternate Methods to connect camera

  1. There are two more methods to connect the old phone to the new phone. Another easy method is to provide CID, username and password. This information you will find on the right hand side of your old phone while the at home video streamer app is open on your old phone. Now put your new phone and click on the Plus sign on top right hand corner. Select the option add camera by CID. Put all the information in you are all set.
  2. Another method is to search for the local camera. I haven’t tried this method yet. Looks like it’s easy and it should work. If your both phones are connected to same WiFi you can try this method. It will work without any problem. Sometimes the wireless router has restrictions in this case you might face some problems. Otherwise this method is alright for local trusted devices.

Useful features of Android security camera:

Some features are very useful that you would love to use.

Voice transfer feature

If you are using this setup you can listen to the voice coming from the best camera. If you want you can also has your voice to the best camera. This is really a nice feature. You can always turn this feature on or off.

Another feature is the cloud sharing

If you like to save the videos on the cloud you can always enable the cloud services. Of course the cloud services are not free. But it’s not expensive. Spending less than 1 US Dollar you can buy space on the cloud. That will also give you access to save your videos on password protected private cloud.

The motion detection

Camera will give alert when it will find something moving. It’s the common feature the security cameras these days. You can also enjoy this feature in this app. There are many more other features that you will know as soon as you will start using this app regularly.

Installing security camera app on iOS devices.

Have you read above instructions to install the security camera app on Android? If yes then installing the security camera app on your iOS will be easy for you. If you haven’t read the Android instructions no worries I am explaining the iOS installation instructions below.

use mobile phone as a security camera security cameraIn this case the app is different. First of all go to App Store on your device and search for “Manything” app. Of course without quotes. Same app you have to install on your both the phone. Install Manything app on new as well as on old phone. It will ask you to register the app. No worries I think you have registered many apps like this. Just provide your email and whatever password you want.

Open apps on both the phones. Bypass tutoroal or slide it. Go to home screen of both the apps on both phones. Now go to the phone that you want to use as the best camera. Probably that would be your old phone. On this phone select the camera mode. Now go to the new phone and select view mode on this phone. You will find a button in a red color on the old phone Manything app. As soon as you press this button you will be able to see the live stream on the new phone. for more advanced help using mobile phone as a security camera visit arlo tech support phone number.

Features of Security camera on iOS

Cloud Viewing

You can always login to ManyThing Website and sign in with the same account that you’ve used to register on your phones. You will be able to see same live streaming of the videos on your computer as well.

Local WiFi Streaming

This app can transfer the videos through the local WiFi. As a result you will not be wasting your Internet data.

Motion Detection

Furthermore you can use the motion detection feature is Office App. It will also notify you if it detects the unusual motion.

Sound Transfer

Another important feature is the sound transfer. You can switch this function on or off. Therefore It helps you to hear and pass the sound through the base camera.

Important Instructions specially for the Base Camera Phone ( Android and iOS)

The base phone that you are using as a security camera requires some attention. The app that you’re using in this phone who consume the battery. The phone might not laugh for couple of hours. The best part is even the phone’s screen is off the camera will still work. But transferring the video on your wireless on the cloud requires battery. If this is an old phone the battery will die very soon. Find a place where you can connect the phone to a wall charger. This will help you phone to always stay alive. Trust me this will not harm your phone.

Another important saying that you would love to do is to stable your phone. Get a good phone holder. You can use a car phone holder as well. If you have a glass window if you want to place your phone that is great. Car phone holders connects to the glass perfectly. It will hold your phone also. Moreover that is easy for you always to connect USB cable to your phone if it is gripped correctly. If you do not have a surface light glass where you want to place your phone just find some alternate method. But do not place your phone in open. Because the phone’s hardware is not designed to work as security cameras. In this case a little rainfall, fog or dust can damage your phone.

Fish-Eye Lens for base phone

use mobile phone as security camera security camera

Fish eye lens is a very reasonable product but a very useful. You can get a fish Eye lens somewhere around $3 to $10 depending on quality and shipping charges. This lens will provide a wide angle to you based phone. That will help you to keep an eye on the maximum area. You will really enjoy this.

Do not forget that there are some more apps for Android and iOS phones to convert them to the security cameras. These two apps that I have mentioned are tested by me. Awesome and other apps you can search in the respected stories of Android and IOS. Just type security camera app. You will find lots of options. Some of them were not useful to me. I have tried server app. The two apps I have mentioned above solved my purpose. I’m also using my old Android phone as a security camera now. I have installed my best phone to the front garden of my house. I am using a fish eye lens. Whenever I want I can see the outside view in my bedroom.

NOTE: all above mentioned steps are also valid for Android tab, iPad and iPod.

Concluding the above article

In conclusion, we own phones that we do not use. When we buy new phones we just throw the old phones in the drawers. In my other articles I will share some additional things that we can do with old phones. Accept the security camera feature there are lots of more things that we can do with the old phones. Keep connected. You can also join me on Twitter. Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment box below. Thank you for your time.

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