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Netgear Arlo Go Battery lifeNetgear Arlo Go Battery life – do’s and don’ts

We are about to discuss netgear arlo go battery life. Today we are using smart devices. The smart devices requires batteries. We cannot connect devices always to the power source. Batteries of a good use. Same with the security cameras. It depends on need and location. For a security camera has to connect only to one location I do not feel important to insert batteries in it always. You can always connect a fixed security camera to a power source. But on the other hand if your security camera locations keep on changing, you should opt camera with a good battery backup.

Netgear Arlo security cameras comes in several models. Not all of the models are capable of batteries. As per today we have a one model compatible with the battery.

  • Arlo Q camera has no battery option.
  • Arlo Q Plus also has no battery inside.
  • Arlo Go is battery compatible.

Conditions responsible for NetgearĀ Arlo Go battery life

According to the manufacturer the netgear arlo battery life is for 2 to 3 months. There are also some circumstances which decide the battery life. Get more knowledge about this at Arlo Support.

Maximum recording should be 5 minutes a day

This two or three months life means maximum and everything out of the battery. To get two or three months of battery life means you are using you camera maximum for 5 minutes recording daily. If your camera is recording more than 5 minutes a day your battery life will keep on decreasing.

Low temperature locations result in decreasing Netgear Arlo Go battery lifeNetgear Arlo Go Battery life

A camera placed in a cool place will give you less battery life as compared to the camera in high temperature. Because your camera is placed where you have regular snow falls or rain you will not be able to get the maximum battery life. Netgear Arlo Customer Service can explain better more about how to use arlo camera in low temperature conditions

Low light environment

Cameras please in low light environment we use night mode hence they will consume more batteries. Camera placed to record videos in Daylight consumes less battery as compared to others. Take care of this feature. Night mode recording is a fantastic future but it comes with a drawback. Due to which it eats the battery. Netgear arlo go battery live extremely depends on light conditions.

Signal Strength

Netgear Arlo Go Battery lifeBattery consuming 4g (LTE) signal strength is one of the important reason of draining batteries. Since there are some areas where transmission of LTE network is low. So in those areas netgear arlo go security camera will consume more battery. More articles about Arlo Help will explains the strong factors to increase signal strength as much as possible. Therefore you can easily understand netgear arlo battery live factors. If you want to read something about LTE networks Please follow the link below.
What is 4g and LTE ?

Distance and obstruction factors

Cameras placed away from their base stations require more battery. Similarly if there are obstacles in between the base station and cameras we cannot expect the camera to consume battery normally.
We are not talking about the normal obstructions here. Netgear Arlo Go battery life reducing substances means the solid obstructions between camera and base stations. It is quite simply understood that camera always talks to its base station. If there is any hurdle in between do not expect the maximum battery life from your camera.

Should i buy a Security Camera with or without battery?

In conclusion all the above article we can easily say that it’s not possible to get 2 to 3 months backup from your camera. There are so many factors that harm the battery life. We cannot follow everything. According to the experts the battery lasts for 1 months. Sometimes even less than that. No one will satisfy with video recording only for 5 minutes a day. Some people require recording for hours. Either you might not want to move your camera everyday or you need a footage of a one static place, go for the camera without batteries. Netgear arlo comes in both with and without battery options. Without battery cameras are very reliable. Give them power and they will never notify you with low battery signal. As a result, wired cameras always stay awake.


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