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The all new Netgear Arlo Pro 2 is now available

Netgear has launched the all new Arlo Pro 2 security camera. Arlo Pro 2 is known as one of the best wireless security cameras around the world. This is 100% wireless security camera. If you are already using Arlo security camera system you maybe aware of the initial features. Are you planning to buy Arlo Pro 2 security camera? If yes then this article would be a great help to you. You can go through all the features that are explained in detail. Make your mind to purchase Arlo Pro 2.

Top Features of Netgear Arlo Pro 2

HD quality is as high as 1080p

This quality is the best quality I have ever seen. You can see the videos even on the TV for on your computer. There will be no problem in 2 pixels. If you go higher to this quality you may go through buffering problems. 1080 is this table HD quality. So I think Netgear Arlo Pro 2 has got the best resolution.

An advanced Motion detector in Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2 has n advanced motion detection system. It detects whatever you want. The new arlo pro 2 has an option to detect sound as well. That’s a great feature that helps.

Active important zone according to your preference

In new arlo pro 2 you can always activate some unique areas that are more important. That means you can turn on the motion and sound detection in some of the areas. Let’s say near your main door. Or any place that you think you want to notice the activity. I personally like this feature.

Arlo Pro 2 comes with an optional 24/7 hassle-free cloud recording

Well this is optional and you will get charged for this. But that’s a great feature. You can always buy unlimited 24/7 cloud recording system. It’s not a feature that i haven’t seen before. It is an add on that is coming with her arlo Pro 2 as well.

Flexibility of using wireless or wired

For some people it is always a problem to use battery system in the camera. Because batteries are not stable as the electricity power supply. Battery has a life of 2 months or even less than that. Changing a battery after every 2 months is a problem for some people. But do not worry about this problem now. You will not face this problem anymore. If there is a power socket near the camera you can always plug the camera to the power socket. The batteries will never die. If the electricity will go off the camera will start working on the batteries. When the electricity will come back the camera will automatically start taking forward from the power source.

Arlo Pro 2 weatherproof camera

If you are using Arlo Pro first edition then you must know about this feature. Hello bro first edition was also a weatherproof camera. Now the arlo pro 2 he is more weatherproof than its first edition. It has got some good certifications. So on the international level arlo Pro 2 is known as one of the best weather resistant security camera.

Netgear arlo Pro 2 camera comes with rechargeable batteries

Ahhh! that’s a great relief. Customers were not happy with life of the arlo pro first edition camera batteries. Arno Pro first edition was launched with batteries inside. Those batteries last for 2 months approximately. After that customers have to buy another batteries. That was really a problem. But this problem will know more exist in arlo Pro 2. Arlo Pro 2 camera batteries are rechargeable. Moreover it comes with an option of plugging into a wired socket.

Dual way audio system

That means you can listen and talk to a person standing in front of your camera on your mobile device. Wherever you are around the world you can use this feature. You can pass your sound through the camera system. Go to has this great capability. If you are away from your office and you want to talk to your employees just full of your mobile device and start talking to them. They will not see your face but yes you will be able to watch everything in HD @ 1080p front of the camera.

Automatic night vision feature

Night vision is a mandatory feature in security cameras these days. Arlo Pro 2 has a built in light detection system. If there is dark outside or inside camera automatically turns on the night mode. This feature makes arlo Pro to a smart wireless camera.

Free 7 days cloud storage

You can store on cloud anything that camera records for free up-to 7 days. These recordings include video and audio inputs. Because Netgear arlo Pro 2 is capable to record video and audio both so everything will be saved on cloud for 7 days. To extend this recording you can purchase another plan.

Netgear arlo Pro 2 is USB compatible

I am so glad to explore this feature. Along with the hard drive you can always Plugin USB to the camera. This USB should be connected to the base station. This will work like the local storage drive for arlo Pro 2 security camera system.

Security siren

Security siren is built in feature that you can use with the new arlo Pro 2. If arlo Pro 2 camera he is any sound it gives you a notification.

Good compatibility with others

Talking about the compatibility arlo Pro to his very much compatible. It can work along with some other services like Amazon Alexa and Stringify. Hopefully the compatibility will be improving in future.

Make your mind to purchase Netgear Arlo Pro 2

Well it is a good idea to purchase a security camera system. A smart security camera system is whatever we want today. Everything is getting smarter. So the security cameras are. If you think all the features are useful for you consider purchasing this camera. That will be really amazing. For any more assistance on netgear arlo Pro 2 go to Arlo Support.

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