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Secure a security camera from unwanted access

Security camera is one of our best friends. it’s very important to Secure a security camera from unwanted access. It gives us details of each and every second. If we have installed security camera at our house it gives us every detail of things happening around. Today, security cameras come with wide angle. It can capture huge area. Security camera is a reliable product. It’s very important in some cases to install security camera like offices and some public places.  Security camera is intend to provide you the security. If there is something wrong you can always see on your computer, TV or on your phone screen. Have you ever thought that if anyone else has access to your security camera. In this case your security camera becomes one of the bad experience of your life.

How Security a security camera is?

First of all you should keep the hackers and another annoying people away from accessing your security cameras. After installing security camera take care of some important points to protect your security camera. I will also explain all the important factors to secure a security camera.

Firmware update of security cameras

secure a security cameraRegularly updating firmware of your security camera is very important. Keep record of the latest firmware of your security camera. Regularly check new firmware on the Internet let’s say once a month. Whenever you find the new firmware or the software version of your security camera try installing it. You might face problem while installing the new software version of your camera. Installing firmware on any device is recommended with the help of technical person. Putting a wrong software or firmware on your camera or any other device can put you on the trouble. Your device might stop working. Help from arlo customer service phone number to install the right firmware of your security camera. Get whole list of steps to secure a security camera.

Cloud and Local Access of a security camera

Local Access

In some cases you will not require your security camera online. For example if you are in an office and you access the camera videos or stills only inside the office or you save it in another hard drive, you may  not want to connect your camera to the Internet. Try keeping your camera local. By doing that you are removing a big security threat. No one will be able to access your camera online. But this is not possible in all the cases. Today lots of cameras come with the cloud sharing option. People want there cameras on cloud. Furthermore an online camera is very beneficial. You can see your camera videos no matter where ever you are around the world.

Cloud / Internet Access of security camera:

You have to be very careful about this feature to secure a security. If anyone except you knows your email id or password they can easily login to your security camera. Previously you might be sharing your email details with other people. But stop doing that if you have a security camera. After installing the security camera change your email password and your all the security questions of your email. In addition to that make a strong password. Read the following Wiki article to make a strong password. Clock on image below to know about password a security camera

Never use same password for your email and for your camera login. It should be different from each other. Because if anyone else knows you email password they could not login through security camera. But if they really want to trouble you they can log in to your security camera. By going to your security cameras website is an option for resetting a password. An unwanted email access will not let you to secure a security camera.

If you click the option the camera website will send you a link code to your email. Follow that link or enter that code and you will be able to reset password for your camera’s access. There is a gain of safe. I will only suggest you not to share your email password with anyone. And do not forget to change the security questions for your email. Therefore an access to email can result in having access to your security camera.

Default username and password guidelines to secure a security camera

Some security cameras come with default username and password. That makes very easy to set up a security camera. Never use this username and password written on camera itself or on its box. As soon as you set up a security camera change the admin username and password. Although you security camera company do not share this username and password with anyone. Still you should change it. This information is printed on the box on the camera itself. It’s very important to change it to secure a security camera.

Wireless router security for camerasecure a security camera

Your security cameras connect to your router’s. The access the Internet through WiFi. That means we can be accessed through your router locally. Even if your camera is not online that can be accessed through your WiFi. Any computer or phone that is connected to your local WiFi may have access to your security cameras. Very important to take care care. At your place you have lots of phones and computers connected to your router. But you do not want to give access of a camera to all those devices. In this case for setting a local username and password for camera. Because by adding the IP address of a router in the browser anyone can open the camera interface. Checking IP address of your camera is easy.

Another wireless security cracker is type of the wireless encryption that you are using. Login to your router and check your wireless protection type. I will not recommend you use the router without a password. Where to find the password from the router. The first has code is the admin password. That helps the unknown people to get inside your router and to check details of connected devices. Always make your router secure by having username and password. 80% of people do not worry about the local access of the routers. Here is an important website i am using from years to look for default passwords for almost all routers.

Router Passwords and Login URL

Always change those credentials. By doing that you can stop the other people to access your router even if they are connected to the router. They can access the Internet but they cannot access router.

Next step is to check type of encryption of your WiFi. I will recommend to use a router without a WiFi encryption. I will also not recommend you to use WEP and fiction. Both WEP infections for 64 bits and 128 bits are not good. Using only WPA with TKIP or even with AES inspection is old fashioned now. They are some old devices that connect to WPA. I would recommend to use WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES). But if you have some old products that you have like some wireless printers you may face problem while updating your security. Arlo support phone number can assist you to select the best encryption to secure a security camera.

In conclusion, security cameras provide security to to us. Since it is important part of life there fore we should take care of security. If we ignore to secure a security camera same camera can compromise our security. Using a security camera gives us responsibility and that we need to take seriously. For more questions please leave a comment below.

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