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Top 6 Features of Netgear Arlo security camera

Hey we will discuss some of the top features of Netgear arlo security camera. We are going to discuss only top 6 features of his camera. Every feature has its own importance. You can easily understand the functionality of all 6 features one by one in this article.

Wireless security camera

top features of netgear arlo security cameraArlo security camera is a wireless security camera. it is major part of our Top Features of Netgear Arlo security camera It simply means best camera and do not have any wire. It is a hassle free camera. Now the question comes into mine that how does it connect to the power. If you do not want to connect camera to the power there is an option of inbuilt battery. Battery lasts for more that 4 months.
This camera connect to the wireless routers at home. After connecting to the wireless router camera connects to the Internet. You every video captured by wireless camera is safe. If you want to troubleshoot your camera for any issues Arlo Support team is ready to assist you.

Netgear Arlo Records HD videotop features of netgear arlo security camera


Netgear Arlo can record every video clip in HD format. Previously there were some cameras that were only capable to record in low quality. When we transfer a low quality video to our computers we do not find it useful. But now with Netgear arlo security camera every video clip is in HD quality.
Resolution of HD video quality is 720p. This video is very clear that you can watch it on a big screen TV also. To configure camera nn all devices take help from Arlo Customer Service.You can always watch this video on your computer and your phone and well.

Netgear arlo security cameras can be easily used in outdoor locations.

Now you do not need to worry about the location of the camera. we can not forger thin part under Top Features of Netgear Arlo security camera. This camera is so reliable that you can easily use it outdoor. Is this first factor is the wireless feature of the camera that makes with outdoor compatible. We have discussed this feature above. Second features of this camera is weatherproof. If there is rain or snow outside there’s no impact on the camera. Not able to understand outdoor connections? Contact Arlo Customer Care Phone Number. This camera  stays connected to the Internet. No need to bother about temperature and weather outside. Netgear arlo security camera will keep on sending you every moment captured on your phone, your TV and your computer.

A Real Night vision Security Camera

top features of netgear arlo security cameraAs we know that most of the cameras in the market are not night vision compatible. We deal with some cameras that she is that clear night vision compatible. But actually when we install the cameras in night the picture is so blood. But Netgear arlo camera is the real night vision camera. For example if you have installed the camera outside of your house where there is no street light or no another life. This camera will still capture the moments. And keep on sending to the location that you have specified. It uses the world the best night vision Technology. It is compatible with a high quality night vision lens. The picture you will see you in a little green shade during night. But you can understand the movement very clearly. Refer to Arlo Help for more details. Know more about Motion Sensor technology HERE.

Motion Sensor Alerting Camera System

This is a known feature that comes in a big number of security cameras. It’s not a new feature that is invented by Netgear. But Netgear arlo security camera comes with a very good motion sensors. If you have installed this camera in a static location where there are no movements, this camera will notify you if there are any activities in this area. Picture is very useful in static locations. Some people by security camera only because of this feature. Motion alerting system is a great technology inventions. You can use this motion sensing system in the Netgear Arlo camera. Netgear arlo Support for security camera can make you understand the feature in detail.

A Free App for Netgear Arlo Security Camera

These days we rely totally on phones and tablets. Netgear Arlo comes with a free app. On android phone you can visit Play Store to download Netgear Arlo camera app. Similarly on iPhone, iPad and iPod, you can visit App Store to download the free app. You can see live camera video from free app. Moreover you can access stored video clips from the app. Its very useful.

Cloud Storage Feature

top features of netgear arlo security camera

This is really a nice function to use in today’s life. Everyone wants their own private cloud. And Netgear gives a cloud features with best camera. This camera will automatically upload videos on cloud. It comes with some free cloud storage. If you want to record videos beyond the storage you can always purchase more cloud storage from the official website. Cloud storage is always more reliable. You can access the cloud storage from anywhere around the world.

Conclusion about Top Features of Netgear Arlo security camera

If all those features attract you, Netgear arlo is the best option for you. We will discuss some advances specifications in other articles along with some other features. Stay connected.


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