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Advantages ans Disadvantages of a wired security camera system

Wireless security camera system is taking place in a good speed now. When you go to buy a camera you first prefer a wireless security camera system. But before purchasing a wireless security system think about its pros and cons. If it suits you go for it otherwise re plan it. Sometimes it depends on your location and needs. Therefore you may need wired over wireless. Also you can go for wireless over wired systems depending on your usage and requirements.

Advantages of wired security camera system

Advantages and disadvantages of wired & wireless security camera system

Wired security camera systems has too many advantages over wireless system. we will discus some important factors.

Less expensive as compared to wireless cameras

Wired cameras are more reasonable as compared to wireless system. So its is a good idea if you’ve planned not to spend more than your pocket. Go for it. More that this basic advantage wired security cameras have much more benefits over wireless systems.

Good stability on wired network

I am not sure if i shall define this feature in detail because it a common reason to explain. Even if you are not very tech still you know hat anything wires are more stable and responsive than wireless. Wireless is made easy for these places where wires are not possible. If you are OK with wires without any problem wired camera is the best option.

Wired cameras are more secure than wireless cameras

If we talk about the security wired cameras are more protective then wireless camera. On the wireless network there are lots of other people that can connect. A wireless network is a protected network as compared to a wired network. Your wireless camera will connect to the wireless network. Remember to deceive the same wireless network to with your other phones and other computers are connected through wireless network. Show a connected device can have access to the camera. Although it is not easy. These days the wireless network is going more secure everyday. But still there are some loopholes. If you are concerned with the security decide the wired network.

Disadvantages of wired security camera over a wireless security camera


Now we are talking about disadvantages of a wired security camera. Advantages and disadvantages are always there. But whenever we buy a product it is necessary that we should go through both the factors.

So many wires hanging around

In a wide security camera there are so many wires connected to the network. Let’s say you have 6 or more cameras. In that case every camera will be having a while going to a router to a base station. It is not easy to hide every wire into the walls. Even it doesn’t look good. So many virus hanging around the world is such a hassle. But on the other hand if the wires are properly managed into the walls that great. While constructing a building its highly recommended to provision for wired security cameras but.

Wired cameras are less or zero flexible

Flexibility is very important. Cameras are means to show the footage that we want. If we required to change the camera position it’s not possible in a wired camera. Changing position is such an easy and interesting tab in wireless security camera system. But hey wired camera is fixed device. You will not be able to move the camera. Movement is possible invite security camera system but its not convenient. Even if you move a camera from one place to another it might cost you some work. And after that you will have to hide the wires again to the new place. Then if you make a plan to change your location again there will be a harassment. It’s your business how are you home requirements are involved in moving the camera from one place to another do not think about his wireless camera.

Concluding the article

Wireless and wired security camera systems are both important some places cannot survive without a wired security camera system. On the other hand there are some other places that cannot survive without a wireless security camera system. I have seen the places where the company or the independent have installed both the camera system. That means it totally depends on your needs. But it is highly recommended to go through the all advantages and disadvantages before purchasing a security camera systems for your home or for your business. Otherwise you can get into trouble. Contact Arlo Support for more help and assistance.

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